Settling Children

All children will be assigned a primary and secondary caregiver who will be responsible for their routine, settling in, development updates with the parent/guardian . As children often find it challenging to settle in or make new contact we find this is one solution which will assist them. To help this time be as stress free as possible for both child and parent we ask for the parent/ guardian to:


  • Visit as often as possible before your child is expected to attend.
    • At least three visits are expected to help your  child's get to know their teachers and  caregivers as well as the environment at the centre.
    • During the first stages of transition until your child is settled into an activity or happy with their caregiver or peer you are welcome to stay as long as you want.
  • Children are welcome to bring any special toys or cuddlies that might help them to settle.
  • Parents are encouraged to say good-bye to their children on leaving as this eliminates the child wondering where the parent is.