Newmarket Childcare Centre

Newmarket childcare Centre is a place where the educators are passionate about the benefits that our mixed age centre proves for all of our children.  In partnership with the parents and Whanau our children are supported to grow up as confident, competent, and capable learners and communicators.  The children are encouraged to make their own choices and to build on their strengths, interests and needs. 


At Newmarket Childcare Centre we aim to create a nurturing environment that is safe, challenging and exciting.  Our practice is based upon respect for oneself, each other and our community.  Whilst adhering to the Treaty of Waitangi our multicultural team is committed to encourage our children to develop an understanding of the cultural diversity within the centre.  We provide a flexible programme that evolves from an emergent curriculum, which is based on the early childhood curriculum document - Te Whaariki


Our professional team of educators is committed to motivate all of our children at the centre to achieve their highest individual potential.