Child's portfolios

Every child has their own portfolio to document their  learning and experiences while at Newmarket Childcare. In this book we document the child's journey of exploration and discovery, special interests and strengths. We look at the child's individual skills and abilities of  development as we are providing support and practice these as many times as necessary to allow children time to develop their own theories about the world around them and their interactions with it.

Group  Projects support  the interests of the child both within and outside the centre environment. This project  is displayed for parents/ guardians on the wall so they can  become familiar with the programme which we are focusing on at any particular time.

The child's portfolio can be taken home so they can read it with their extended family however we do like them to bring it back so we can continue to add to the portfolio.

The child's learning stories are not only put in their portfolios but are often sent by email to their parents.

We encourage our parents/caregivers to  contribute to your child's individual book, as well as the group project, to enrich our shared understanding of children's learning and development both at the centre and at home.