Arrival and Departure

Arriving and departure:


Each child must be signed in and out of the centre each day they attend.  The time that they arrive and are picked up are required as well.    These are used in case of emergencies e.g. Fire, earthquake, etc and for the calculation of the Ministry grants. These are government regulations and are compulsory.


No child is to be signed in or out by a person who is not on the child's enrolment form or is under the age of 18 years of age.  If a child is going to be away for an extended time a holiday form must be filled in.  If there is to be a change in hours there is a form for this  to be filled in.


Children who are on the 20 hour free programme must abide by the hours they state on their attestation form.  If you go over the hours which are stated there will be extra charges occurred every 15 minutes.